Winter Adventure Checklist

Winter camping can be a lot of fun, and with fewer people exploring the outdoors this time of year, you probably won’t have to fight to find that perfect camping spot.

If you’re looking to take your RV on a spontaneous adventure this winter, you need to make sure you are prepared for the elements. Here are some of the to-dos you should complete before heading out:

  • Will you hook your RV up to a fresh water supply? We recommend a heated water hose to keep the water from freezing.
  • Is your furnace in good working condition? Bring it in to our service department for a look-over if you’ve experienced any problems recently.
  • Do you have a way to cut down on condensation in your RV? A dehumidifier is an inexpensive solution.
  • Are you tires in good shape to handle the changing weather conditions? Contact your local Kaltire to make sure your tires have sufficient tread.
  • Do you have a way to recharge your batteries if you are not hooked to shore power? Consider having bringing a generator or a solar-powered source.
  • Does your RV have insulated holding tanks to prevent freeze-up? We recommend holding tank heaters that work on both 110v and 12v to keep them heated.

If you’re only heading out for a night or two, you can keep your RV winterized. Just bring enough fresh water for drinking and washing.

If you have any other questions about winter camping, contact your local Fraserway RV today. Happy adventuring!