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Experiencing Nova Scotia By RV

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Nova Scotia was one of our favourite provinces we visited while RVing across Canada. With only 30 kilometres of land connecting it to the mainland, it boasts 13,300KM of coastline along the Atlantic Ocean.

By Luke & Alysha

Whether RVing the coastline to take in the views visit some iconic lighthouses, driving the famous Cabot Trail loop, exploring the historically recreated Fortress of Louisburg, or enjoying the capital city of Halifax, this province offers so much to see and do. Nova Scotia is also located next to other very exciting provinces to add on to your RV trip.

The Cabot Trail is a world famous drive to experience, and it is also located in Highlands National Park. The drive takes you through the Cape Breton area, with spectacular views of the vast Atlantic Ocean. Along the way there are plenty of hikes and walking trails of varying difficulty to enjoy. One famous hike you won’t want to miss out on is the Skyline Trail in Highlands National Park. This hike rewards you with an amazing lookout over the Atlantic Ocean, and when we were there we were lucky enough to come across two moose! After completing the Cabot trail loop, you can easily make your way over to the north eastern side of Nova Scotia where another one of our favorite stops in the province is, the Fortress of Louisburg.

Luke & Alysha Cabot Trail

The Fortress of Louisburg is a National Historic site run by Parks Canada, and is free to visit if you own an annual Canada Parks Pass. This historic location has been rebuilt from its original 1700s build. The employees and tour guides dress and behave as if it were still the 18th century, further enhancing the experience! Walking the town within the Fortress was like taking a journey back in time. We had conversations with the blacksmith in town about his techniques, and also learned about the history and traditions from other townsfolk guards stationed throughout town. It is so well done, and such a fun way to learn and immerse yourself in the history of early Canada. We can’t recommend this attraction enough. Across the bay from the Fortress of Louisburg you can also see the remains of Canada’s very first lighthouse! The lighthouse, a short drive away, is a great spot to explore. This entire area is rich in Canadian history, and offers an experience that everyone will remember for a lifetime.

Luke & Alysha Fortress of Louisburg

Visiting Nova Scotia’s capital city, Halifax is another fun stop on your adventure. The city is located right on the ocean and the neighboring city of Dartmouth is right across the bay. Rather than taking our RV into Halifax, we decided to take the public foot ferry from Dartmouth to the downtown core of Halifax. We were able to park our RV in the large parking lot at the ferry terminal for the day, and take the ferry all for a very small price. This city boasts plenty of Maritime nautical charm, and has a beautiful oceanfront boardwalk to explore full of shops and restaurants. At the top of the big hill that the downtown core is built on you’ll find the Halifax Citadel National Historic site. The citadel was founded in 1749 and provides a great panoramic view of the harbor and city. Like the Fortress of Louisburg, admission to this National Historic Site is also free if you hold an annual Canada Parks Pass. There are plenty of things to see and do at the Citadel. You can choose whether you would like to join in on one of the many guided tours, or explore the area at your own pace with a self guided tour. At first glance, it may seem impossible to be able to explore such a populated area as downtown Halifax with an RV in tow, but with a little creativity, nothing is off limits on your RV travels.

Luke & Alysha Downtown Halifax

As we mentioned earlier, Nova Scotia is an RVer’s paradise with so many things to see and do, but another bonus to RVing Nova Scotia is it’s proximity of so many other must see locations. New Brunswick’s Fundy National Park is located near the border and is an easy addition to your RV trip if you have some extra time. There you can experience the phenomenal tide changes varying between 32 and 46 feet in height! Nova Scotia also has a ferry that is free to take to PEI which makes for a great maritime addition to your RVing itinerary. Speaking of ferries, you can also catch the 7 hour ferry from Sydney, Nova Scotia to Port Aux Basques, Newfoundland!

Luke & Alysha Experiencing Nova Scotia by RV

So, if you’re looking for some amazing coastal RVing, Nova Scotia has got you covered. With world famous drives, breathtaking Atlantic views, premier Canadian National Historic Sites, and the beautiful boardwalk in downtown Halifax, what’s stopping you from planning your next RV trip?

About the authors: Luke & Alysha bought their first RV from Fraserway RV and travelled around Canada exploring.