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Don’t Forget These 8 Essentials For Your Campsite

RV Campsite Accessories

At Fraserway, we pride ourselves on being the place for everything RV – which means we are here to support you in your adventures long after you decide to buy an RV. That includes your campsite experiences as well!

Even when you travel in a fully-stocked RV, your outdoor campsite will need plenty of gear. These eight essentials are a great starting point for preparing for your next trip, made possible with products recommended by our RV parts specialists.

  1. Wasps-Be-Gone. Wasps are so territorial that they won't build a nest within 200 feet of another wasp nest. This fake nest looks real, and wasps will fall for it – as will yellow jackets, hornets and other territorial insects.
  2. Sport Strapz. Bug repellant is a must-have when you're camping, but let's be honest: the scent can be overwhelming. These strap-on wrist bands are lead-free, have no deet and are non-toxic. The blend of essential extracts keeps bugs at bay without the overbearing smells.
  3. Camp axe. Sometimes, you just need to let loose your inner lumber jack. This camp axe from Coghlans will equip you for chopping up firewood or any other campsite needs. Proceed with caution, as always!
  4. PowerBait. Need some extra support for making a fresh dinner at your campsite? A small can of trout bait will go a long way. Pack it in your RV before your next adventure so you're not left without . . . well, bait!
  5. Campsite cookbook. You don't need a kitchen when you have a camp fire. These easy recipes – from appies and sides to entrees and desserts – can be cooked in foil, on the grill and more. Make each meal a special memory at your campsite.
  6. Portable solar kit. This panel delivers sun-powered energy to all kinds of batteries – laptops, boats, cars and trucks. As long as there's sun, you'll never be left stranded.
  7. Citronella collection. Camping is an awesome way to experience the great outdoors, but pesky bugs don't need to be part of that adventure. The Citronella collection will help keep flies and mosquitoes out of your hair, off your skin and away from your food.
  8. Pico lantern. You never want to be left in the dark . . . well, at least not without wanting to be left in the dark by choice. This water-resistant lantern can be charged with a solar panel or a vehicle battery charger and gives 5.5 hours of high power light, 16.5 hours of medium light and 55 hours of low light. Talk about keeping your bases covered!

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