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6 Ways To Ensure Safety On The Road

Staying Safe In Your RV

Want to make your next RV adventure as safe as possible? Take necessary precautions with these six practical products.

1. Grab Handle. A convenient source of steady support, this handle folds and locks onto your RV. No tools required!

2. Lynx Levelers. Wood planks? Those are things of the past, thanks to Lynx Levelers! Simply stack these versatile pieces to the desired height, drive your RV on top of them and let them work their magic as they mold to the tires.

3. Reflectors. Who says safety can't be snazzy? Equip your boat, bike, scooter or RV with any mix of reflectors and ensure that you are seen clearly by others on the road.

4. Safety Step. Get in and out of your RV one (safe!) step at a time. This four-height step has four legs that adjust individually, letting you create a level surface - even on uneven ground.

5. Safe Flare. None of us plan on blowing a tire on the road. When it does happen, it pays to be prepared. This waterproof LED flare magnetically attaches to your RV, letting oncoming traffic see you far in advance. Plus, it frees up your hands to do the work needed to get you back on the road!

6. Wheel Chock. The good times should always roll, but your RV should only roll when you want it to. These inexpensive wheel chocks will help ensure your home-on-wheels stays right where you want it.

For these and other essential RV safety products, visit your local Fraserway RV Parts & Camping Store.