Child Seat Rental Child Seat Rental

Child Seat Rental

       Fraserway RV offers 3 different child seat options to keep your family safe on your RV trip. Please use the helpful guidelines below to find which car seat suits your family best.

Infant Seat Child Seat Booster Seat
Rental Fee Infant Seat ($80*) Child Seat ($80*) Booster Seat ($30*)
Age 0 - 1 year 1 – 4 years old 4 - 9 years old
Weight Up to 9kg (19lbs) 9 kg - 30kg (19 - 66 lbs) 18kg and over (39lbs and over)
Direction Rear Rear if under 9 kg. Rear or front, if over 9 kg. Front, if over 18 kg Front
Notes Dinette table may need to be lowered when infant seats (rear-facing) are installed, meaning no adults can sit at dinette while travelling. Children within weight range 9 kg to 18 kg should be kept rear-facing as long as possible. (Source: BCAA road-safety / child-passenger-safety). No car seat required for children over 145 cm (4’9”).

*Rate is charged per rental, per child seat.

Child Seat Vehicle Chart

In order to find the right RV for your family, please refer to the vehicle chart below. Depending on the vehicle type, the car seat options differ. You are welcome to bring your own car seats.


  • Safety nets are available in the over-cab beds in all our C-Medium and C-Large Motorhomes.
  • There can be variations as the vehicle categories can consist of numerous different vehicle models. No specific vehicle model can be confirmed in advance or guaranteed at any time.