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DIY Trick: Propane Soap Test

DIY Propane Check

You’re ready for your next RV trip. Everything is packed, campsites are booked and you couldn’t be more excited. And then, you smell something that’s a little off. It’s your propane tank!

Over time, the cables that connect your propane tank to your RV can weaken, which means they need to be replaced. Here’s the good part: it’s easy to detect the source of the leak. Here’s how:

  1. Get a small spray bottle
  2. Fill it with water
  3. Add a couple drops of hand soap
  4. Shake the bottle so that the soap and water mix
  5. Turn on your propane
  6. Spray the soapy water mixture on all the connection points between the propane tank and your RV
  7. Look for bubbles!

If any bubbles start to form around any particular place, you have found the leak! Just turn off your propane, unscrew the cable at both ends and buy a new “pigtail” which attaches at the end of the cable. These are inexpensive and available in your local Fraserway RV parts store.