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5 Questions To Ask Your Technician At Your Next RV Service Appointment

RV Maintenance Questions

We get it: bringing your RV in for service isn’t always financially fun, even though it’s necessary in order to keep your vehicle running well.

So how can you make service and maintenance a less-painful process? We're glad you asked.

To help keep surprises to a minimum and to discover some cost-saving tips, ask these five questions at your next service appointment.

  1. “How much do you charge per hour?” We understand that the final bill is a reality and a concern. To help you get a rough idea of your costs, make sure to ask this question up front so as not to be surprised when you get your bill.
  2. “What is the longest time this should take?” This goes hand in hand with question #1. If you know how much you’ll be spending per hour on labour, you’ll have an idea of what to expect as far as costs. Keep in mind, though, that the initial diagnosis will take some time, and performing the subsequent maintenance will take additional time – plus any replacement parts.
  3. “How do I save the most power in my battery?” We’re not just here to help you when you come in for service; we want to set you up for success when you’re out in the great outdoors! A big part of battery efficiency has to do with your RV’s overall efficiency. Our service team can perform a thorough inspection to ensure your RV is running correctly and suggest ways to increase your battery efficiency.
  4. “How effective are solar panels?” We’re glad you asked! Solar panels are a great way to conserve your battery and utilize natural, green energy – if used correctly. Ask your local Fraserway service team about the most effective solar panel for your RV, as well as the costs of buying, installing and maintaining the panel.
  5. “Are my windows in good condition?” It can be hard to tell from just looking at it, but cracked sealants are a major cause of dry rot. Ask your Fraserway technician to ensure that all the roof and window seals in your RV are sealed properly.

More service-related questions? Don’t hesitate to contact your local Fraserway service team today.