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Rental FAQ


How Much Does An RV Rental Cost?

The cost for an RV rental depends on the travel dates, the vehicle type, the location, and your travel plans. The season prices vary, please find details here. You can calculate your RV rental here.

Do You Allow Pets?

Your four-legged family members are welcome to join your RV adventure. Pet fee applies, see more details here.

Does Fraserway RV Also Book Campgrounds?

Fraserway does not book campgrounds for customers.

Who Pays For Fuel?

Fuel is the responsibility of the renter. Please return the vehicle with the same amount of fuel as recorded upon departure.

Do You Offer One-Way Rentals?

We offer the following one-way rentals (subject to availability, fee applies):

Vancouver to Calgary/Edmonton

Calgary/Edmonton to Vancouver

Halifax to Toronto and Toronto to Halifax

View rates here.

Is Bedding & Kitchen Equipment Included In The Rental Cost?

It is not included in the rental. We offer convenience kits (kitchen equipment, bedding, and more) for an additional fee per person. Local customers are welcome to bring their own items if they wish. For information about what is included in our convenience kits, please see our Rental Options.

What Additional Options Can I Book?

We offer a wide selection of optional equipment and accessories. See all Rental Options.

I Have Submitted A Reservation Request Online, What Happens Next?

Your request is currently being reviewed by our reservations team to ensure that your requested vehicle type is available for your requested dates. You will be notified of the status of your reservation as soon as possible. If your requested vehicle type is unavailable, you will be offered a suitable alternative or the request will be declined. The alternate vehicle type offered will be held for you until the end of the following business day from the day you receive the notification. We will notify you by email, please be sure to check your spam folder, as the vehicle will be automatically released if we do not hear back from you within that time frame.

I Was Charged A Preparation Fee, What Does It Include?

A preparation fee is mandatory and the charge is per rental reservation. These mandatory items are part of your rental to ensure you have what you need during your RV experience:

  • Basic tool kit
  • Biodegradable toilet paper (2 Rolls)
  • Fresh water and sewer hose
  • Full propane tank
  • Power cord with 15-amp adapter
  • Rubber gloves
  • Spare 15 amp fuses
  • Toilet chemicals

What If I Would Like To Add Unlimited Kilometres?

Unlimited kilometres are available and are charged per night (additional to the nightly rental rate). Unlimited kilometres are subject to a 14-night minimum charge. Find rates here.

Is There A Minimum Rental Period?

The minimum rental charge is 5 nights (7 nights for departures between Oct 01 – Apr 30)

I Made A Reservation Online, What If I would Like To Make A Change?

If you would like to make any changes to your reservation, please contact our reservations team here.

Are Taxes Included In The Price?

Local taxes will be charged extra and are subject to change without notice. - Vancouver (Delta), BC 12% - Calgary (Airdrie), AB 5% - Edmonton (Leduc), AB 5% - Toronto (Cookstown), ON 13% - Halifax (Bedford), NS 15% - Whitehorse, YT 5%

I Reserved A Fraserway RV Through A Travel Agency, Can Fraserway RV Make Changes For Me?

Please contact your travel agency directly to make any changes.

Can I Already Make Reservations For Next Year?

Online reservations for next year are open. To place a reservation, book online, contact our reservations team or find rates here.

What Is The Cancellation Policy?

You will find the cancellation policy at the bottom of your confirmation invoice. You can also find the cancellation policy here.


What Does RV Stand For?

RV is an acronym for Recreational Vehicles that combine transportation and living quarters for recreation, camping and travel.

Are There Radios & CD Players In Each Vehicle?

Each motorhome will have a dash radio in the driver’s cabin. While many of our vehicles also have an auxiliary and/or USB outlet, Fraserway does not guarantee compatibility with any media device in any vehicle type.

Which Vehicles Have A Generator Onboard & Is There An Extra Charge?

The following vehicles have a built-in generator: Van Conversion, C-Medium, C-Large & C-XLarge. There is no extra charge for generator hours used. The generator provides the vehicle with 110V power when it is not hooked up to shore power at a campground. Please note that some campgrounds limit the use of generators to specific times to help reduce air pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, fuel consumption and noise levels.

Do Fraserway Rental RVs Have An Awning & Is One Allowed To Use Them?

All our RVs have an awning, and you are allowed to use them. Please do not leave awnings unattended and retract when not in use or in windy conditions, during heavy rain, hail, or thunderstorms.

Can Child, Infant Or Booster Seats Be Installed In All Fraserway Rental RVs?

Depending on the vehicle type, the car seat options differ. No child seats can be installed in the Van Conversion and C-Small motorhome. Click Here for more details

Does Fraserway RV Offer Motorhomes For Renters With Special Needs?

Our Class A Wheelchair Accessible motorhome is specifically designed to accommodate our guests in a wheelchair. This RV type is available at our locations in West Canada (Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton).

I Want To Bring My Own Bicycle Rack, Which Vehicles Have A Suitable Hitch Receiver & What Size Is It?

All our Class C Motorhomes accommodate bicycle racks. They are equipped with a regular 2-inch hitch receiver to carry bike racks. You are welcome to bring your own bicycle rack. We offer bicycle racks for rent for up to four bicycles. See more details here.

Can I Tow My Car Or Boat Behind The RV?

Please note that towing is not allowed for insurance reasons.


Can I Rent An RV In The Winter?

Between October 1 – April 30 vehicles may be subject to winterization. The decision will be based on the projected temperatures at the time of departure and the weather forecast. If the vehicle is winterized, it will have no fresh water on board. We recommend staying in campgrounds with electrical hookups and washroom facilities that are open year-round. Our vehicles do not come with winter tires or snow chains, but all Class C Motorhomes are equipped with M+S (Mud and Snow) tires. Please find important information regarding winter camping here.

Are Fraserway RVs Equipped With Winters Tires?

Our vehicles do not come with winter tires or snow chains, but all Class C Motorhomes are equipped with Mud & Snow (M+S) tires.

Can I Use Water In My RV During Wintertime?

If the vehicle is winterized, it will have no fresh water on board. This decision will be based on the projected temperatures at the time of departure and the weather forecast. We recommend staying in campgrounds with electrical hookups and washroom facilities that are open year-round.


This Is My First Time Renting An RV, How Do I Familiarize Myself With The Vehicle?

Familiarize yourself with your RV’s features by watching the full demonstration video of your vehicle type and downloading the available PDF manual prior to departure.

Tip: Click on SHOW MORE under the YouTube video and jump directly to the feature you are looking for.

Any questions or concerns can be answered by contacting our team here or during the damage check before you start your RV trip.

Is There A Charge For Additional Drivers?

There is no charge for additional drivers. All drivers must be present at the time of vehicle pick-up and must sign the rental contract.

What Is The Minimum Driver's Age?

All drivers must be at least 21 years of age with a valid driver’s license from their country of residence. There is no maximum age limit, as long you are still allowed to drive in your country of residence with a valid national driver’s license.

Do I Need To Bring An Interational Driver's License?

An international driver’s license is strongly recommended if the original license is not in English or French. Please note that the international driver's license is ONLY valid in combination with the national driver’s license.

Do I Need A Special Driver's License To Drive An RV?

No special driver’s license is needed to drive any of our vehicles.

What About Coverage? Can I Use My Own Insurance For The RV?

Fraserway RV Rentals maintains liability coverage on all its rental vehicles to a maximum of $5,000,000. In the event of damage, the renter will be charged for all vehicle damages up to $7,500 per occurrence if no Collision Deductible Reducer/Waiver (CDR/CDW) was purchased.

You have the option to use our basic insurance only (included in nightly rental) OR to purchase our Collision Deductible Reducer/Waiver (CDR/ CDW) OR to use your own private insurance. If you plan on using your own vehicle insurance, ensure you are covered for recreational vehicle rentals and bring a copy of your third-party liability insurance. Please note: Most credit card companies do not cover recreational vehicles. Accepted forms of third-party liability insurance may include ICBC Roadstar and Roadside Plus (BC only). For more details on our Collision Deductible Reducer (CDR) and Waiver, visit our Rates & Information page.

Does Fraserway RV Require A Deposit On A Credit Card?

An authorization on a major credit card (Visa, MasterCard, or American Express) is required at the time of departure.

  • For rentals including basic insurance only, a credit card pre-authorization of $7,500+tax will be required at the time of departure.
  • For rentals including our optional CDR coverage, a security deposit of $750+tax on a major credit card is required at the time of departure.
  • For rentals including our optional CDR and CDW coverage, a security deposit of $100+tax on a major credit card is required at the time of departure.
  • For renters using Roadstar/Roadside Plus (BC residents only), a security deposit of $1500+tax on a major credit card is required at the time of departure.

Can I Collect My RV On The Day I Arrive From An Overseas Flight?

No. We do not allow departures on the same day of arrival on an overseas flight. This is to ensure you are refreshed and alert to understand all the features of the RV before you drive away in it.

Do You Offer A Shuttle Service at Airports & Select Hotels?

We offer complimentary shuttles transfers from and to major airports and select hotels (restrictions apply). View all details about shuttle services here.

At What Time Can I Pick Up MY RV? How Long Will The Pickup Procedure Take?

Under normal circumstances, it will take approximately 60 minutes. Save time at the check-in counter and complete your Express Check-In by entering the driver’s license information of all drivers (no extra charge) prior to your departure day. Username and Password are provided at the bottom of your invoice. Save time during your vehicle demonstration at the station by watching the full demonstration video for your vehicle type prior to departure day. Please bear in mind that your pick-up time at our station may increase if we are experiencing a high volume of vehicle departures.

Departure: Vehicles are available for pick-up between 8:30AM – 3:00PM.

For departures on Sundays in Vancouver (Delta), vehicles can be collected between 8:30 AM and 1:00 PM.

No departures are allowed on the day of arrival on an overseas flight.

Return: Vehicles must be returned (inspection ready) by 11:30AM.

Opening Hours

  • May to September: All locations are open
  • Monday to Friday from 8:30AM to 5:00PM
  • Saturdays from 8:30AM to 4:00PM
  • Sundays from 9:00AM to 3:00PM (Vancouver only).
  • October to April: Winter hours may apply and differ by location. Please check our contact page for opening hours during off-season.

Can I Leave My Luggage At The Fraserway RV Location?

If you are departing from and returning to the same location, you are welcome to unpack your suitcase and leave your luggage at our rental location. Luggage storage is available in a secured area; however, storage is at a client’s own risk. There is no charge for this service.

Can I Drive Into The USA With My RV?

Yes, you can. Be aware of restrictions around what kind of food you can bring in. Check out: US Customs & Border Protection.


Do You Provide Videos On How To Operate My RV?

Yes, we have easy-to-follow instructions videos for all our vehicle types. You can watch the videos on your vehicle type page or on our YouTube channel.Tip: Click on SHOW MORE under the YouTube video and jump directly to the feature you are looking for.

Are There Any Road Restrictions?

Non-public roads and off-road driving are prohibited at all times.

Restrictions are in place for some Northern roads, find all details here.

Can I Take My RV On A Ferry?

Yes. Ensure to comply with all ferry regulations on your particular route before boarding. Propane tanks should be shut off when travelling on any ferry.

Can I Use Regular Toilet Paper In The RV?

Only 1-ply toilet or septic safe toilet paper is suitable to use in our RVs. 1-ply toilet paper breaks down quicker than regular 2 and 3 ply paper and prevents clogging of the drain pipes. The toilet paper is available from RV supply stores and some supermarkets. Please note that you are responsible for the cost of clearing clogged tanks where incorrect toilet paper has been used.

Do I Have To Stay At A Campground?

Not necessarily. Since all our motorhomes are self-contained it would be possible to overnight anywhere, but you must follow local bylaws/restrictions for overnight stays. For safety reasons, it is not recommended for RVs to stay outside of a designated campground or at roadside ‘rest areas’. RV campgrounds often come with external power sources and water systems for clean water and plumbing.

Where Do I Find More Information About Campgrounds & Do I Need To Pre-Book?

The infrastructure in Canada is generally good in quantity as well as in quality. However, campground sites at National Parks and other commonly visited tourist spots can reach capacity. We recommend making reservations in advance, especially during high season and on long weekends.

I Ran Into An Issue With The RV, Who Do I Contact?

A toll-free* On Road Support is available at 1-866-535-6601 or local number 1-604-636-3057 from mid-April to Thanksgiving weekend. You can also reach our team here. You will find more information on our On Road service here.

*Toll-free for North America Only


Before Returning My RV, What Do I Need To Know?

To avoid any additional charges, please return your RV in clean condition and with the same amount of fuel as recorded upon departure. Black and grey water tanks must be empty.

In the return area, our staff will complete a return damage check-in with you on the inside and outside.

What Time Do I Need To Return My RV?

Return your RV from 8:30 AM – 11:30 AM (inspection ready).

I Bought Too Many Pre-Paid Kilometres, Do I Get A Refund?

There are no refunds for unused kilometres.

I Went Over My Pre-Paid Kilometres, What Are The Additional Charges?

Additional kilometres that exceed your prepaid kilometre total will be charged at $0.42 per km (Rate for 2024: $0.45 per km) plus applicable taxes.

What If I Would Like To End My RV Trip Earlier As Planned?

You may end your RV trip anytime you like and return your RV during opening hours. Please note that unused nights are not refundable.

What If I Would Like To Extend My Rental While I Am On The Road?

Please contact our reservations team as soon as possible to check availability for extending your RV rental. Additional nights are subject to availability and applicable charges.

I Forgot Personal Items In The RV, Who Do I Contact?

Please contact your rental station directly to inquire about lost items.

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