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The Best Way To Explore Canada's Backyard During Summer

The Best Way To Explore Canada's Backyard During Summer

The urge to explore our own Canadian backyard is on the rise. But what is the best way to explore this beautiful country we call home?

More travelers are opting for a home on wheels to travel economically while maintaining social distancing. An RV allows for families to self-isolate while at the same time gives them the ability to hit the road and explore locally.

There is a calling for local road trips. Now is a great time to visit popular places without having to deal with the big crowds and have that road trip you always wanted to do with your family:

5 Tips to Plan Your RV Trip

  1. Rent an RV from a reliable company. Our knowledge and expertise will help you make the most of your vacation this summer with RVs inspected by experienced technicians. We also provide support and replacement vehicles in case of a breakdown.
  2. Choose the right RV for your needs. Take into consideration the number of people, destination, size of camp sites, kitchen size, number of beds, and all the great features an RV has to offer to explore the outdoors. Our RV experts can help you pick the best RV for your family.
  3. Choose a Destination and Itinerary. Some camping sites may not be available or open, so check in advance to prepare a list with different options for camping sites that are RV friendly.
  4. Prepare your RV Essentials. Plan your meals in advance. Make sure you pack enough food, water, and an emergency kit, so you can avoid having to go to local grocery stores. Plus, prepare your entertainment ahead of time. Board games are an easy and fun way to enjoy quality time while maintaining social distancing.
  5. Prepare a checklist with everything you will need for your RV trip.

Questions about renting an RV? Our friendly and knowledgeable staff at Fraserway RV will give you a personal orientation of your RV rental and answer all your questions.

Why Rent with Fraserway RV? All our rental RVs are less than 3 years old, fully inspected by technicians, and we also provide a replacement vehicle in case of a breakdown. We also have pet friendly units, so you do not have to leave them behind.

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