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How To Care For Your Awning

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As the camping season approaches, you’re probably looking forward to enjoying some time under the shelter of your RV’s awning. Here are five steps to taking care of your awning – ensuring that you’ll get the most out of it for years to come! All credit goes to the Sunchaser 8500 and 9000 awnings user guide.

  • Keep it dry. If your awning is wet when it’s rolled up, there’s a high probability that it will start to mould. Try to let it dry out before retracting it. However, if it’s still wet when you’re ready to pack up and drive, roll it out at your next stop as soon as you can – granted that it’s not raining.
  • Keep it clean. Did you know that mould doesn’t form on fabric, but on the dust and grime on the fabric’s surface? That’s right! Clean your awning using the cleaning tips in step 5.
  • Keep it high. Your awning has an adjustable height. Be sure to elevate high enough so that the RV’s entry door doesn’t hit it, because . . . well, it would just be awkward!
  • Keep it smooth. Just like a bicycle, your awning has moving parts that need attention from time to time. Apply a silicone lubricant spray as needed to make sure motion is maintained and rust is avoided.
  • Keep it healthy. As we said in step 2, you need to keep your awning clean from dust and grime.
  • Sunchaser 9000 (cloth): Because this awning’s cloth is fabric, it is not waterproof. Simply hose it off occasionally and let it air dry.
  • Sunchaser 8500 (vinyl): Use this simple recipe and apply it to the surface and underside (rolling up the awning will apply the mixture to the underside) and let it sit for five minutes before unrolling, rinsing and air-drying.
  • ¼ cup dish soap
  • ¼ cup bleach
  • 5 gallons fresh water

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