Spring Break-Away: 4 Essential RV Parts For Your Next Camping Trip

It’s hard to believe that spring is just around the corner. Where did the time go? Well, we have good news: there are no limits to the adventures you can have in 2019, and we’re here to help ensure you’ve got everything you could possibly need.

As a national RV company, our national parts team ensures our customers have access to the best selection of parts at every Fraserway location. This month, the team selected four “must have” items that will help make your next RV trip a success. With your Adventurer Group Cash Card, you earn 5% back on every parts and service purchase to redeem on parts, service or rentals.

Wash Brushes And Handles. With spring so close, you could use a nice long wash brush handle and soft wash brush to clean off the winter grime from your RV or vehicle. We have an assortment of handles and sizes of wash brushes, and some brushes are extra soft for use on any vehicle.

Tip: What to avoid the problem of grime? Buy an RV cover for next winter to protect your investment!

Anode Rod. Anode rods protect the Inner side of your water heater, so you always want to ensure that you have one. They do dissolve slowly, which is normal, but be sure to keep an eye on them. Once they are the thickness of pencil lead, it’s time to replace.

Safety Lock. Few things are worse than getting ready to take your trailer either out for your camping trip or back home, and seeing that someone has stolen it. This lock will keep your trailer from being stolen when not hitched to your vehicle. Need we say more?

MaxxAir Covers. Keep the interior air fresh without opening your RV's windows. Living up to its name, the MaxxAir fan provides maximum ventilation by creating negative pressure inside, sucking out the stale interior air and pumping in fresh air from outside.

Curious about what else we have available? Visit your local Fraserway RV dealership to shop in person, or click here to view our online catalogue.