DIY Trick: Pack More With Less Room

Whether you’re going camping for a weekend or a longer trip, storage always plays a big part in planning your adventure. We all need clothes, and clothes can take up a lot of space – especially for youngsters who are prone to getting dirty outside and need extra apparel!

Here’s a super simple trick to bring everything you need while taking up far less space:

  • Buy a box of gallon-size freezer bags.
  • Fold your clothes and separate them into different categories (i.e., shirts, pants, socks, underwear, etc.). Make separate piles for each person. For example, “Mom’s Shirts,” “Dad’s Pants,” etc.
  • Open a freezer bag and put one of those piles into that bag and label it with a Sharpie marker. Press it down so all the air is out, then zip the bag closed.

There you go! When you’re ready to head home and need to pack up again, put all the dirty clothes into the bags and simply write “Dirty” on that bag so you know what needs to be laundered when you get home.