7 Essentials For Taking Your RV Back On The Road

Whether you just bought your first RV or you have owned one for a while, nothing beats the ease and freedom of walking into your RV and hitting the open road.

But before you book your campsite and buy all your favourite road trip snacks, there are a few important RV housekeeping things to do. Above all, you want to make sure your RV can get to THAT place and get back home safely.

  1. Dewinterize. If you haven’t done so already, you can either book an appointment with your local Fraserway RV service department, or you can do it yourself with help from our RV Camping and Parts stores.
  2. Check your seals. As an RV owner, your foremost responsibility is sealant maintenance. Faulty seals let moisture in, so make it a priority to get them checked. We suggest bringing your RV in every three to six months for a detailed inspection. You can then have the seals repaired or replaced as needed.
  3. Get rid of condensation. If there’s any moisture on the interior side of your windows, you should act fast! While a leaky seal may not have caused this moisture, it will turn to mildew if not dealt with properly. Try a product like Dry-Z-Air which absorbs excess moisture and stops the chance of harmful mildew.
  4. Check your tire condition and pressure. It’s important to know how old your tires are, as wear-and-tear can make your tires more susceptible to blowouts. There are different types of wear which can be caused by a number of causes. As well, under- or over-inflated tires can cause several problems. First off, it will cause more wear-and-tear on the tires themselves, meaning you’ll need to replace them sooner than necessary. Second, it lessens your RV’s fuel efficiency, meaning your gas bill will be higher than usual. Avoid both of these financial potholes by checking your tire pressure and adding more air if necessary. As well, make sure your lug nuts are tight and in good condition. When in doubt, bring them in for an inspection!
  5. Book an RV check-up. An RV has a lot of complex pieces all moving together, so it’s always a good option to bring your unit in for an RV check-up. Here are a few things you should have checked:
    • Engine fluid levels
    • Lights (brake, signal, etc.)
    • Brakes and bearings
    • Appliances
    • For towable units, check your hitch, breakaway cable, sway bars and swing bars
  6. Stock up on gear and accessories. Each Fraserway location carries a variety of must-have parts and fun-to-have accessories, all of which will help you have the best RV trip possible. If you need something special ordered, we can help with that, too! Click here for our complete check list, or start with these essentials:
    • First aid kit
    • Butane lighter
    • Fire extinguisher
    • Batteries
    • RV toilet paper and chemicals
    • Garbage bags
    • MaxxAir fan (to keep fresh air circulating without having to open your windows)
    • Wheel levelling chocks (to keep your RV stable)
    • Bug repellent / Citronella products (to keep pesky bugs far away from your campsite)
    • Flares (in the event of a night-time tire change on the side of the road),  
  7. Plan some fun! Even if you just want to relax and not pack your schedule with activities, we can suggest some great ways to create lasting memories at your campsite. Here are some suggestions from our archives:

Want a second opinion? Always feel free to contact your local Fraserway dealership, tell us about your questions or concerns and we will book you in for a service appointment.