Handle with care: 4 must-have products for rubber roofs

We get tons of questions from customers who are looking for easy DIY solutions for their RVs. Today’s question comes from customers with a very specific set of RV needs.

“My RV has a rubber roof. What products do I need to keep it in good shape?”

We’re glad you asked! Here are four products that will help you keep your maintenance needs to a minimum.

Dicor Self-Leveling Lap Sealant. Over time, even the strongest seals can lose their grip. This sealant is flexible and UV-resistant – meaning it won’t turn yellow after long periods in the sun.  Just clean your RV’s roof, let it dry and apply a thin coat with a standard caulk gun. It will dry in a couple hours, but be sure to allow at least two days for it to fully cure. However, there are two things to remember: 1) only use this sealant on the roof as it is self-leveling and responds to gravity, and 2) always use primer on TPO roofing membranes.

Heng’s Roof Coat. Does your RV roof have any protrusions? Does it just need a recoat? This 100% acrylic latex polymer helps repair any damage caused by wind, rain and sand. It adheres to rubber and is UV-resistant. Plus, as your rubber roof expands or contracts, this coating will follow suit – meaning it will resist cracks and withstand impact.

Protect All Cleaner. This cleaner breaks up and dissolves heavy grime, but without any soapy detergents or rinsing – making it perfect for campsites or where water is restricted. It also helps minimize mildew and mold, which rubber roofs are susceptible to. Simply sweep the dust off your roof, spray the cleaner in a 2-square-foot section and make circular motions with a sponge mop. That’s it! If there’s any overspill, just wipe it up carefully with a clean rag. Here’s the best part: this handy product reduces maintenance up to 75%!

Protect All Treatment. After using the Protect All Cleaner at home or at a water-accessible location, the Protect All Treatment will help extend the life of your roof. Plus, it’s easy to use. Just clean off your roof, let it dry, then apply thoroughly in a small spot. Use a clean sponge mop to spread it around evenly and allow it to dry completely. It will take at least 24 hours to completely cure, but one treatment lasts from three to six months!Caution: don’t apply this treatment when it’s hot outside, as it will dry quicker than it should.

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