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Why We Are Happy We Chose A 23-Foot Motorhome

23 Feet Motorhome

Once we had decided to join in on the RV living lifestyle, we had the daunting task of choosing which type of RV would best fit our needs.

By: Luke & Alysha

When making this decision, we had to take into account the amount of living space we would need, the length of RV we would feel comfortable driving and parking, the built in equipment we would require, whether or not we wanted to tow a trailer, and so much more. We had originally envisioned ourselves purchasing a Class B+ Van, but quickly realized that we would much prefer a larger RV – especially when we discovered that we could get a larger RV for less money! We had also talked about getting a RV longer than 23 feet to get that additional living space, but we were worried that it may make our spontaneous style of travel too difficult. Luckily our 23-foot Class C Adventurer has been the best of both worlds, and we are extremely happy with our decision.

Being in a 23-foot RV allows us to fit into a variety of accommodations. All the campgrounds we have been to - even most Forest Recreation campsites - can fit our motorhome. Since our shorter motorhome is able to fit into almost any campsite, it makes finding last-minute campsite reservations even easier as opposed to needing to find a site that can accommodate a larger RV. Parking our Adventurer at this length is also a breeze. Whether backing into a campsite with the backup camera, or being able to fit into a pull through stall at a grocery store, it's nice not having to stress about getting around in the motorhome – especially when travelling around an unfamiliar town!

That being said, we still have ample living space and storage, inside and out in our motorhome. This allowed us to take larger trips – like across Canada and back – and have it still be a comfortable experience for the two of us, and our cat. We have 3 large cupboards above the dinette where we store all of our dry food, our fridge is large enough to a 4 liter milk jug and plenty of food, and we have multiple extra drawers for pots, pan utensils and so much more. We even had storage space to take our espresso machine with us across Canada! As for clothing, we were able to have a full-sized wardrobe to hang any clothes, as well as 3 large drawers for any extra clothes. As if that is not enough indoor storage, we also have 3 large cupboards above our bed for other miscellaneous things! Our model of Adventure also has a dinette on a slide-out. This was not something that we had on our “must-have list”, but we are so glad now that we have the extra floor space at the push of a button.

Our little tiny house on wheels has been great for us. It is the perfect mix of comfort and mobility. Whether dry camping or pulling into a campground, it's always a breeze. This allows us to be able to focus on enjoying our time on the road rather than feeling cramped or getting stressed about being too big. We are so happy to have found the perfect length RV for our needs!

Happy Travels,

Luke & Alysha

About the authors: Luke & Alysha bought their first RV from Fraserway RV and travelled around Canada exploring.