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Iron Chef: Cook Like A Pro Without A Full Kitchen

Cooking While RVing

Today’s question comes from a foodie with a hunger for experiencing the great outdoors.

“I want to give camping a try, but I want to be able to enjoy the food I make at home. Can I do this off the grid?"

When you’re away from the familiar and at your campsite, suddenly your home kitchen seems a lot more luxurious.

Don’t dismay!

Just because you don’t have a full kitchen at your campsite, you don’t have to just eat hot dogs and s'mores (even though we all love those campsite staples). Armed with a small portable propane grill, these three tools can help you prepare 5-star meals in the great outdoors. Adventure doesn’t mean your taste buds need to suffer.

Broil King broiler racks

Grilled food is often left with char marks. These broiler racks will cook your meats through and through without any black residue.

Coghlan’s Aluminum Camp Cooker

Do you love grilled cheese? Thanks to this handy tool, you can enjoy it in the wilderness, as well as any other favourite hot sandwich, over a campfire. Who needs a skillet?

Boatie’s Fry Pan

Enjoy your classic breakfast favourites with or without a full kitchen. This non-stick fry pan will gladly host your bacon and eggs, French toast or pancakes.