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4 RV Parts To Help Upgrade Your Summer

RV Accessories

Now that we're well into the camping season, we want to share some ideas that will help make your summer RV experience even better than it already is!

Our National Parts Team put their heads together to give their Top 4 list of accessories that will elevate your campsite from good to great.

Typsy Sticks. Don't let another beverage spill all over the ground! Typsy Sticks poke into the ground wherever you want to set up your camping chair. It'll hold two different drinks and a bowl for your snacks or meal. Easy to pull apart to store in your RV's compartment.

Slunky Hose. The Slunky Hose's feet push into the ground to allow you to have it at different heights from one end of the hose to the other, so your sewer hose is tapered to drain properly and keep all that nasty stuff where it belongs. It also keeps the hose off the ground and stops any damage from the hose rubbing on any ground materials, or from people stepping on it. Different lengths are available for different hoses.

Water Bandit. Few things are as frustrating as not being able to connect your hose to the campsite's water source. Carry the Water Bandit wherever you go, and you'll easily hook up to the tap even if it's unthreaded or stripped.

Stake & Grill. No, we didn't mean to type "steak," but with this handy product, you can cook the perfect steak right over the campfire while you relax in your camping chair. The Stake & Grill is easy to raise and lower depending on the heat and whatever you want to cook.

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