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4 RV Accessories To Make You The Envy Of The Campsite

RV Accessories For The Campsite

What’s something we all need, but don’t necessarily love to talk about? That’s right, we’re talking about our good friend the toilet.

Whether you’re just starting the camping season, heading out for a spontaneous weekend adventure or want to get in one last RV trip, our National Parts Team put their heads together to come up with some AWESOME accessories and gear to help you out.

BBQ Grills: When you're camping, you always need something to cook with. Get yourself a BBQ to grill that perfect steak, make an awesome s’more, or whatever else your taste buds desire. Tip: make sure you either cook off or wipe up any food debris before you pack up so that it doesn’t mould – the last thing you want is a nasty surprise the next time you’re ready to make dinner!

Extendable Weiner Fork: We know that a little extra help can make a big difference when roasting a hotdog. We carry different types of extendable forks. They're easy to store and great for opening up and extending when needed for hotdogs, marshmallows and s'mores.

Bug Zapper & Wasp-Be-Gone: No one is more scared of wasps and bugs than Ron, part of our National Parts Team. He never leaves home without his bug zapper or Wasp-Be-Gone hive. The hive opens up to hang up anywhere you have wasps, and they'll move on. For those lingering wasps, keep this bug zapper handy, and win that war at your campsite!**

Add-A-Room: Want to add a room to your RV? We have your solution! Add-A-Room can be attached to your awning and come in different sizes to work with your awning size. Great for a bug-free area, extra room, sleeping area or just if you need to stay out of the sun, wind or windblown rain. Easily attach or remove when your RV is on the go. It’s like building an addition onto your home without the long renovation process!

Contact your local Fraserway RV today or pop in and visit their Camping Store to see these and more!