Pre-Trip Checklist

Outside your rig

  Ensure all items in exterior compartments are secure
  Lock all exterior doors
  If you are traveling with a bike rack, ensure your rack and bicycles are securely attached
  Disconnect power cord, water hoses, and other cables and store them securely
  Drain and store sewer hose
  Drain holding tanks as required (a good rule of thumb is to leave enough fresh water you'll need between destinations)
  Ensure sewer drain valves are closed
  Roll-in and secure awning
  Pack up all outside items (mats, chairs, grill, etc.) and ensure they are securely stored
  Close front and/or rear window shutters
  Turn off gas water heater
  Put jacks up or store portable jacks
  Remove and store wheel chocks and levers
  Check air pressure in all tires and adjust as required
  Check the lug nuts on all wheels to ensure they are in good condition and secure
  Check all engine fluid levels
  Check all your lights (brake, signal, etc.)

When hitching up check the following:
   Hitch/towing system  
  Breakaway cable 
  Sway bars 
  Spring bars

  Check your electric brakes
  Check campsite to ensure it's clean and no items are left behind
  Pull up and secure steps

Inside Your Rig

  Secure all loose items (toaster, dishes, coffee pot, etc.)
  Place travel bars inside refrigerator and lock door
  Turn off water pump
  Turn off water heater
  Secure all doors, drawers, and cabinet doors
  Lower roof antenna/satellite system
  Lower roof vents
  Switch refrigerator to gas operation, or turn off your appliances and the gas supply at the tank or bottles
  Turn off air conditioner and furnace
  Put in and secure the slide-outs
  Close windows
  Secure blinds and drapes
  Shut off all gas pilot lights

Perform a final walk-around outside of your rig to ensure you haven't missed anything.

Pre-trip Checklist
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