What does RV stand for?

RV is a nickname given to the entire family of Recreational Vehicles that combine transportation and living quarters for recreation, camping and travel.

Can I collect my motorhome on the day I arrive from overseas after a transatlantic flight?

It is required that you stay at a hotel for the first night. This is to ensure you are refreshed and alert to understand all the features of the RV before you drive away in it.

Do I need to clean my vehicle before returning it?

Your motorhome must be returned in a clean condition. Clients should clean out anything that they have brought into the vehicle. Also, the waste and holding tanks have to be drained by the renter prior to the motorhome being returned.

How do I get from my hotel to the Fraserway RV rental station?

Fraserway RV offers complimentary shuttle transfers from and to major airports and selected hotels. Click Here for a complete list. For arrival on an overseas flight, it is required that customers stay at a hotel for the first night. To schedule a shuttle transfer, please contact the departure station 3-5 days before vehicle pick-up. Shuttle service is available between 8:30 AM and 1 PM. Shuttle transfers will be prioritized on a first-come, first-serve basis.  

How do I get from rental station to the airport or hotel

A standard transfer from the Fraserway RV Rentals station to most airport and downtown hotels is included in your motorhome rental price.

At what time can the Fraserway shuttle bus pick me up?

The Fraserway shuttle bus will collect you from an airport or downtown hotel by arrangement. Your vehicle can be picked up between 9.00AM and 3.00PM. There are some national holiday exceptions. Please call the local Fraserway RV Rentals station for travel arrangements.

By what time do I have to be at the rental station on the return date?

Vehicles must be returned (inspection ready) to the rental station between 9.00AM and 11.00AM, unless you have prior authorization from the rental station.

Can I go into the USA with my motorhome?

Yes, you can. Be aware of restrictions around what kind of food you can bring in. Check out: US Customs & Border Protection

This is my first time I rent a motorhome. How do I familiarise myself with the vehicle?

A representative of Fraserway RV Rentals will explain all the features and responsibilities to you in your preferred language. Do not hesitate to ask any questions before driving off, as you can avoid several problems on route.

Do I need to bring an international drivers licence?

No, an international drivers license is recommended but not required.

Do I have to bring sleeping bags and kitchen equipment?

You can purchase convenience kits which include items such as towels, sheets, camping chairs, dinner sets, cutlery sets, mugs, egg cups, glasses, comforter, duvets or sleeping bags, pillows and pillow cases, assorted kitchen utensils, flashlight, pots, pans and a kettle, axe, broom and dust pan, campground directories, can opener, clothes pins, colander or strainer, cork screw, cutlery tray, cutting board, dish cloths, floor rag, food savers, instruction manual, juice container, lighter, coffee pot and filter, mixing bowls, paring and bread knife, salad crisper, tea pot, thermos ,vegetable peeler, wastebasket, water hose, screwdriver, pliers and a wrench, road map, spouted pail.

Can I do a one-way rental?

Yes, however a one-way rental fee will be applicable and this will vary depending on the combination of pick up and drop off points. Not all city combinations are possible!

How can I find more information about campgrounds and do I need to pre-book?

The infrastructure in Canada is generally good in quantity as well as in quality. However, campground sites at National Parks and other commonly visited tourist spots can sometimes reach capacity. 
Information on campgrounds, RV parks and more helpful information can be found online at: www.koa.com,www.pccamping.cawww.travelalberta.comwww.hellonorth.com,www.campingnovascotia.comwww.travelalaska.com

Can I leave my suitcase at Fraserway RV Rentals?

Luggage storage is available in a secured area, however, storage is at a client’s own risk.

Is there a charge for additional drivers?

There is no charge for additional drivers. All drivers must be present at the time of vehicle pick up and must sign the rental contract.

Is there a minimum/maximum drivers age?

The renter (contract signer) and authorized second driver must be at least 25 years of age with a valid drivers licence from their country of residence. There is no maximum age limit, as long you are still allowed to drive in your country of residence with a valid national drivers licence.

How long will the takeover procedure take place?

Under normal circumstances it will take approx. 70 minutes. Please bear in mind that your time at our station may increase if we are experiencing a high volume of vehicle pickups.

Does Fraserway RV Rentals provide any vehicle support while I am on the road in my motorhome?

Yes, a toll free number is provided for on the road assistance.

Do I have to stay in a campground?

Not necessarily. Since our motorhomes are self-contained it would be possible to overnight anywhere, but it would not be legal in most places. Also, it is not recommended for safety reasons. Motorhomes may overnight at campgrounds or at roadside ‘rest areas’, unless otherwise stated.