Take Back Your Weekends: 4 Essential Parts For Your Next Camping Trip

With spring well underway, you can make your weekends AWESOME again and do what you WANT rather than what you HAVE to do.

Our national parts team to make sure you have access to the best selection of parts at every Fraserway location from coast to coast. They keep the latest and greatest items accessories for games and activities, as well as supplies that may not seem as fun but are just as essential to your RV adventures.

Here are our top 4 picks of the month

Oxygenic shower head

Our national parts team has picked out an awesome product that will transform your RV shower and water consumption: the Oxygenic shower head. Change your existing RV shower hose and head to the body spa shower head. Enjoy two different spray settings with smart pause and a new updated look!

Rodent Free

This will help keep the nasty campers away. That's right, we're talking about rodents! Rodent Free is perfect for your RV, shop or anywhere you are having rodent problems. Just hang a bag and the odour helps keep the pesky rodents far away!

Portable Solar

These panels easily fold up to carry and store in compartments or off to the side, and they come with two leads to hook onto the battery posts.

Keep your RV, boat, or cabin’s 12-volt battery charged constantly when hooked up by the sun. Go green! 

Cyclone 360-Degree Siphon Venting

This helps keep your holding tank's odour outside the unit instead of inside. It easily installs in place of the standard RV plumbing stack to help pull fumes up out to the roof area!

Did we mention that, with your Adventurer Group Cash Card, you earn 5% back in Reward Dollars on these items and can redeem those dollars on parts, service or rentals? Plus, the card is free!

Curious about what else we have available? Visit your local Fraserway RV dealership to shop in person, or click here to view our online catalogue. Or, check out our Facebook pages for weekly feature parts and tips!