Six things that will ruin your next RV adventure

You’re all packed, your camp ground reservations are made and you've mapped out the whole trip. That’s right, you’re ready for your next RV adventure!

Then, suddenly, you’re not so ready.

Few things are as disappointing as having your weekend plans thwarted by last-minute inconveniences. To make sure you’re actually ready for the road, look out for these six things that will ruin your next RV adventure.

  1. Leaky roof. This is usually self-evident, but if you want to take extra precautions, bring your RV to your local Fraserway dealership and have the seals inspected.
  2. Noisy steering sounds. Do you hear any unusual noise (e.g., grinding or squeaking) when you turn the steering wheel? Chances are your wheel bearings need to be replaced. Remember that no noise is the best noise when you steering your RV!
  3. Deflated tires. If your tires aren't properly inflated, you’ll run into several problems. First off, it will cause more wear-and-tear on the tires themselves, meaning you’ll need to replace them sooner than necessary. Second, it lessens your RV’s fuel efficiency, meaning your gas bill will be higher than usual. Avoid both of these financial potholes by checking your tire pressure and adding more air if necessary.
  4. Empty propane tank. Have you ever lost power in your house in the middle of cooking dinner? Yeah, this isn't something you want to encounter at your campsite. Propane literally is the fuel for your camping experience, so be sure to check that you have enough in your tank before hitting the road. While you're at it, test out your appliances to make sure they're all in working order!
  5. Weak batteries. Have you left your RV’s lights running or used the accessories with the engine off? Make sure you haven’t drained your battery! Turn on the ignition to double check.
  6. Drained water tanks. Talk about being up the creek without a paddle! Check your grey, black and fresh water levels to ensure you’ll be able to wash, flush or do any other water-required task.

Bonus bad thing: No cash at a cash-only campsite. As some camp grounds only accept cash as a form of payment, it's always wise to call the site ahead of time and see what payment methods are available.

Need help? Your local Fraserway RV Service team is here for you every step of the way!