RVing With A Baby - Is It Possible?

We had spent most of our 20's camping, hiking, RVing, enjoying the outdoors and travelling, and loved every minute of it. Earlier this year, we had our first child and many people told us that our lifestyle was going to have to change. Luckily, they were wrong! RVing is extremely family-friendly, so if you are worried about travelling with a baby – don’t be. We were not sure what to expect initially camping with our newborn Chloe, but it was actually very similar to our home routine. With an RV you can make sure you have all of your essentials packed and on hand, you have access to a sink and fridge, and you have your own personal space wherever you are.

RVing with a baby - is it possible

Travelling in an RV is always a great mode of travel and it is so well suited for families. Being able to pack all of your belongings, cookware, games and things you need for the kids before heading out mean you can be just as ready for any situation as you could be at home. In our situation with a new baby, all it really meant was we had to pack diapers, a bassinet, a few outfits and other small necessities and we were set. All of which our Class C RV had no problem accommodating. RV living is like having a house with wheels packed for everywhere you want to travel to. We love how everywhere we go, we always have our motorhome to have privacy as well. This means we can still cook family meals while travelling, there is privacy for breastfeeding Chloe and maintaining a nap schedule when we need to. There’s nothing like being able to pull over quickly anywhere and have access to a kitchen, a washroom, and whatever belongings you need all in the privacy of your own home regardless of where you have to pull over.

RVing with a baby - is it possible

The number one concern people have when we tell them that we RV with a baby is “what happens when you are camping beside someone who is noisy and they wake up your baby?”. Luckily the solution to this problem is very simple. If we are camping beside a noisy group when Chloe is going down for a nap or to sleep at night we turn on our white noise machine or the fan in our RV. She loves to sleep with some white noise anyways, but it also cuts down on any noise that you could hear from inside the RV making sure she gets a sound sleep.

RVing with a baby - is it possible

Our 23ft Class C RV, an Adventurer, has been the perfect size for us and works great with a baby too. Our unit has a dinette slide which gives us the extra space to fold out a bassinet on the floor. As she grows up we will also have the option of putting the dinette table down for her to sleep on, or letting her sleep above the cab all while still only being a smaller RV. As you have more kids though or they start to get bigger and you require more space, there’s always an RV that’s the right size for your situation. Being able to get a bigger RV and sleep with a large family is a huge plus for travelling as well. No more worrying about multiple hotel rooms to fit the whole family.

So if you are looking for a family vacation idea that is easy to get into, very family-friendly and gets the kids in the outdoors more, be sure to consider RVing! And if you are expecting a little one, don’t think that your RVing days are behind you. It really can be tailored to suit everyone’s style of living and travel.


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