RV Maintenance Advice

We often get asked about RV maintenance advice, what can you do yourself, when should you bring your RV in, what needs to be done regularly, etc.  Here are our top advice questions and answers for you.

RV Maintenance

If someone is thinking about buying an RV or just purchased one, is there a lot of maintenance involved?

Like your home or vehicle, owning an RV is an investment that you want to protect, so performing regular servicing and preventative maintenance on your RV is similar to your home and vehicle. An RV is a home on wheels after all! To ensure your RV and components are in good working condition there are key items that we recommend being performed regularly and on an annual basis.

To ensure you are protecting your investment, we have developed our Preventative Maintenance Menu to help put owners at ease.

What should I be doing to prepare my RV for our first trip of the season?

The general rule of thumb is to perform annual and ongoing preventative maintenance so each time you hit the open road for an RV vacation you can simply perform DIY steps to inspect, monitor, and top up as needed.

What do you recommend that I can do myself and what should I bring my RV in to have done?

As you prepare for the season there are some key items to inspect and service. There are many do-it-yourself maintenance items that can be performed each season, each trip and during each use. Our service departments have you covered with our Preventative Maintenance Menu items and our tips below.

  1. Battery maintenance to maximize performance and battery life.
    • DIY: check voltage and ensure you have a full charge before each trip. Monitor water levels monthly.
    • Annual Service: servicing to clean terminals and connections, test voltage and hydrometer, inspect and top fluids, apply anti-corrosive.
  2. Wheels, brakes and tire maintenance to ensure you have proper and safe operation.
    • DIY: Retorque wheel nuts and check/top up tire pressure.
    • Annual Service: inspect brake shoes, bearings and magnets, clean and repack bearings, adjust brake linings, inspect magnets and switches.
  3. Appliance maintenance for trouble-free operation and longer life.
    • DIY: Visual inspections and monitoring during use.
    • Annual Service: Clean burner tube assemblies, test operation, verify air mixture, clean stove burners, inspect filters, rooftop AC inspection.
  4. Slide-outs and jack maintenance to ensure you have proper and safe operation.
    • DIY: Lubricate your slide-outs, check your slides and jacks for proper operation, and ensure that debris is cleaned/removed.
    • Annual Service: Testing, lubricate seals and components, test control board, clean jacks including foot pads.
  5. Propane tank and system maintenance to ensure you have proper and safe operation
    • DIY: Fill tanks and perform soap test on connects to detect any leaks.
    • Annual Service: Inspect regulators and tanks, complete pressure test, check LP detectors.
  6. Tank maintenance to ensure proper operation and detect the condition.
    • DIY: Fill freshwater tank, monitor system during operation for leaks or pressure issues and utilize tank deodorizer/treatment solutions.
    • Annual Service: Check pump operation, check faucets, holding tanks and flood and pressurize, complete water line pressure test.
  7. Generator maintenance for trouble-free operation and longer life.
    • DIY: Visual inspection during operation, load test, monitor fluids and filters.
    • Annual Service or every 75 hours: Clean/check the battery, verify inspect exhaust, CO detector, air and fuel filters, change oil and filter and perform load test.
  8. Test your safety systems for proper operation such as your smoke detector, carbon monoxide detector, LP detector and fire extinguisher. Replace batteries annually.
  9. Check fluid levels and tire pressure in your motorhome or tow vehicle.
  10. Inspect your hitch for signs of wear or loose bolts and ensure that it is set to the proper tow height.

RVing provides freedom to travel at your own pace – you can go where you want when you want. Performing regular preventive maintenance can help ensure your RV adventures are filled with family, friends, great memories and… s’mores! Fraserway RV has you covered with parts to perform DIY maintenance or repairs and our service teams can schedule you for maintenance, servicing and upgrades. Click to view our Preventative Maintenance Menu and a form to schedule your appointment.  Happy RVing!