Not All RV Covers Are Created Equally…

If you are a seasonal RVer and find that you are storing your RV during the off season months an RV cover is an important part of your preparations for safely storing your RV during this time.

During the travel season, your RV is exposed to environmental elements that can be affect the look, finish, and the maintenance you’ve performed so when it’s not in use you can provide some shelter from the elements without having to secure covered storage space.

You can read more about the benefits of an RV cover in our Cover Your Bases blog post here but we are excited to share a new dealer exclusive product from ADCO, a leader in protective cover manufacturing. Their new UV HydroTM RV covers features 4-layer material which outperforms competitive fabrics and is backed by their 3-year warranty.

Some of the benefits of choosing ADCOs UV HydroTM RV cover are:

Added protection from the elements such as harmful UV rays, rain, dust, leaves, snow, wind, and the like would not contact the finish of your RV during storage. The ADCO UV Hydro cover has a highly UV and moisture resistant 4-layer fabric that promotes cooler temperatures, longevity, and features a hydrophobic water barrier.

Easier installation with red accents on touchpoints, weighted buckle toss-under, and their patent pending red leading edge helps determine the front of the cover to avoid family debates and I told you so moments when you can’t figure out why the cover doesn’t fit quite right!

Improved functionality with ADCOs new rain gutter spout protectors to prevent cover puncture where applicable, patented wind channels on bottom corners for a snug fit, and zipper entry on both sides for easier access while being stored.

ADCO has a great video demonstration of the new UV HydroTM RV cover that portrays the added benefits of choosing this cover to protect your RV investment.

Not all covers are created equally as other materials or plastic tarps actually do more harm so choosing to invest in a good quality cover with the added benefits of UV protection will allow you to focus on planning your next trip not avoidable repairs. Covers come in all sizes and fit all RV types so we literally have all your needs covered! Visit your local Fraserway RV Parts & Camping Store to purchase your ADCO Designer Series UV HydroTM RV cover today.