No More Sandy Floors: RVing With Pets

By Charmaine Hammond (and Toby the Dog)

Charmaine Hammond is a professional speaker and author, and pet parent of Toby, a Chesapeake Bay retriever.  Together Toby, Charmaine and her husband Christopher travelled 14,000 km across North America on their Million Acts of Kindness Tour, in a Fraserway RV 32 foot motorhome which was sponsored by Fraserway RV.  A newbie at RV travel, Charmaine shares tips and newbie learnings for travelling with your pets. Learn more at Charmaine's website.

If you are like me, a sandy floor will drive you crazy. You will be surprised when you travel with pets how often you need to sweep the floors. Dogs trek in so much sand from their feet and body, especially when swimming in the ocean. 

We discovered three great ways to avoid sandy floors in the RV:

  1. Pack an easy to roll and store large outdoor carpet. We quickly discovered that not all campgrounds have grassy areas around the RV parking spot. You will see by the photo we learned this lesson after visiting campgrounds without grass (and we were without a rug). 
  2. Use the outdoor shower. This was so helpful, especially washing Toby off after a swim in the ocean or lake, and for cleaning off our muddy shoes and boots.
  3. Leave shoes outside the RV to avoid sand being brought inside. A plastic shoe tray is easy to pack, super easy to clean and works great outside the door.

These tips will keep the RV cleaner, reduce “dog smell” and free up time for sightseeing and relaxing instead of cleaning floors.