Keep It Friendly: 5 RV Products That Protect The Environment

April 22 is Earth Day – a day that demonstrates support for environment protection. First celebrated in 1970, Earth Day is now recognized in more than 192 countries every year.

Wondering how you can celebrate Earth Day as an RVer? It’s easier than you might think! Here are five accessories that can help you celebrate Earth Day on every RV adventure.

  1. Solar panels: Let’s start with the classic energy-saver: solar panels. These panels deliver sun-powered energy to all kinds of batteries – laptops, boats, cars and trucks. As long as there's sun, you'll never be left stranded. Your trusted friends at Fraserway RV can even help with the installation!
  2. Solar accessories: Who says solar energy can’t look nice? These solar-powered lanterns can bring new flare to your campsite, illuminate your mealtime conversations and brighten up the grounds (puns intended).
  3. Biodegradable toilet paper: Toilet paper is something you just don’t want to do without, so be sure to choose the most environmentally friendly version of this staple. Always use biodegradable toilet paper in your RV. Anything else will clog your drains - not something you want to encounter on a camping trip!
  4. Holding tank deodorant: Speaking of your RV septic system, it doesn’t hurt to help process the accumulating waste. We recommend our very own Fraserway RV Holding Tank Deodorant, which controls odor, liquefies waste and conditions the tank’s seals. Plus, it’s environmentally friendly, so you can’t go wrong! 
  5. Reusable dinnerware: Did you know that paper plates are the leading contributor to landfill waste? Okay, we just made that up, but there probably are a lot of paper plates in landfills. Either way, reusable dinnerware is a sure-fire way to cut down on waste and help protect the environment.

Looking for other ways to make your RV trip more environmentally friendly? Contact your local Fraserway RV dealership today!