Exploring Canada’s Tiny & Charming Maritime Province – Prince Edward Island

Exploring the beautiful province of Prince Edward Island is one of our favorite memories while RVing across Canada. Getting on to the Maritime province is a memorable adventure on its own, and once there you instantly feel the laid-back, charming atmosphere. Despite being a small island, there is truly something for everyone to enjoy while RVing.

You have two options to get to and from the island, each offering their own amazing experience. You can take the ferry or take the famous Confederation Bridge. Both options are free of charge when you are arriving on the island, and you pay a fee when leaving. This means if you would like to experience a 75-minute ferry ride for free while RVing, now is your chance! The ferry runs between Caribou, Nova Scotia and Wood Islands, PEI. If you choose to take the ferry to Nova Scotia, it will run you $100+ dollars. The other option, which we consider a MUST when visiting PEI, is the Confederation Bridge - an impressive 12.9km drive and takes over 10 minutes to drive while you cross the Atlantic Ocean! This option to leave PEI only costs $48.50 in comparison, and is so fun to drive. When we visited PEI, we opted to take the ferry from Nova Scotia to PEI for free, and then take the bridge to mainland New Brunswick. This let us experience both options doing the loop and it was cheaper than doing the ferry second!

Luke & Alysha Ferry 

Prince Edward Island takes roughly 3 hours to drive from coast to coast, but there is a lot to explore in between. The views driving past the potato fields, red sand cliffs, and immaculately cared for properties, which the PEI residents are known for, is so relaxing. They have picture perfect east coast lighthouses to view, many cute harbor towns with lobster traps and other nautical goodies, iconic red sand beaches and the popular Anne of Green Gables Heritage Place to check out. Speaking of those beautiful red sand beaches, we even bought our fishing licenses and harvested our own clams from the beach to make a seafood dinner right in our RV! Talk about the perfect way to enjoy maritime life.

Luke & Alysha Red Sand Beach

While on PEI, you may also want to check out the capital city of Charlottetown which has a lot of historic buildings to explore. The feeling you get when you walk around Charlottetown is hard to explain – cozy, charming and eccentric are words that come to mind.  There are also two of Canada’s National Park campgrounds located just north of Charlottetown in Prince Edward Island National Park - Cavendish and Stanhope campgrounds. Both are easy to book online, and we have found that the National Park campgrounds never disappoint. Another spot we would recommend checking out is the northern tip of Prince Edward Island, just above the town of Tignish. There, you get to stand on the northern tip of the whole island and look out at the ocean by the lighthouse and the Wind Energy Institute of Canada. This experience was memorable. There is a walking trail around the beach front along the red sand cliffs and the Wind Energy Institute is open to the public to learn more about the wind energy. You can also stand right next to the massive wind turbine blades for a photo op.

If you are looking for an amazing Maritime Province to explore while RVing with lots of history, camping, local charm and hospitality, be sure to make your way to Prince Edward Island! Crossing the Confederation Bridge alone is sure to be a lifelong memory, and there is just so much to see and do. We enjoyed PEI so much on our first visit when we crossed Canada that we decided to stop by again on our way back home, and hope to return as soon as possible!

Luke & Alysha Confederation Bridge

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