DIY Trick: Keep Bugs Outside

When you go RVing, you get to experience all the wonders of the great outdoors. However, you don’t want the outdoors coming inside – bugs, specifically. They can get into your RV and wreck havoc, and they’re the last thing you want to find inside.

To help keep those pesky bugs outside where they belong, we can recommend a simple trick: Pick up a flying insect screen. These screens come in a variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate your RV’s furnace vent, refrigerator vent and water heater vent. This keeps not only keeps bugs out of your interior, but also out of your appliances – and we all know that damaged appliances aren’t fun to repair or replace!

If you can’t find the right fit for your RV, just contact your local Fraserway RV dealership and we’ll help you find it!