Cover your bases: why an RV cover will save you from unnecessary maintenance

It’s about that time of the year that we start singing “Rain, rain, go away, come again another day.” However, we have to face the reality that rain, snow and hail are part of life – and the weather has a way of impacting your RV!

Excessive rain or snow can encourage the growth of mildew, and if moisture gets inside your RV, you’re looking at water damage to furniture, plumbing and electrical components – as well as damage to any of your personal possessions. On the other hand, excessive sun can make your RV vulnerable to UV damage as well as aesthetic wounds from strong winds. The overall point is that too much exposure to nature’s elements can wreak havoc on your rig.

Thankfully, you aren’t left without options. RV covers like the complete line of ADCO Covers are available from your local Fraserway RV Parts & Camping Store and will fit travel trailers, fifth wheels, campers and class C and class A motorhomes to protect your vehicle and minimize maintenance. 

Here are just a few of the features:

  • Multiple reinforcements. Even with strong winds, these covers feature several components that will keep the coverage intact.
  • Water-resistant breathability. A simple tarp will keep water out for the most part, but moisture will still get in and will stay there when the weather heats up, keeping the evaporated moisture under wraps and turning the moisture into mildew. These covers have built-in vents which keep most water out but release any moisture that managed to get in.
  • Zipper door for covered access. Just because your RV is covered, it doesn’t mean you can’t still get inside when you need to. The covers are equipped with multiple zipper doors which allow easy access without having to completely remove the cover.
  • Tyvek top panel. This highly water-resistant top panel protects your roof from damaging UV rays (and subsequent fading and cracking of your RV’s exterior) and allows for proper ventilation which prevents billowing.
  • Polypropylene side panels. This sturdy material will stand up to all forms of weather, meaning your initial investment will stand the test of time and save your RV from unnecessary damage.
  • Accessory-friendly. Most RVs have vent covers and A/C units on the roof. These covers were designed to accommodate these features, so you don’t need to remove them prior to using the cover.

Side note: Be sure to measure your RV to make sure the cover will fit, and include the bumpers, ladder and spare tire with these measurements.

Want to know more about RV winterization or protecting your RV through all seasons? Contact your local Fraserway RV team today!