Cold Weather RVing: 3 Steps To A Cozy Campsite Evening!

Did you know you can have just as many adventures in the colder months as you can in summer? Sure, there may be less dock-jumping and you have to wear more layers of clothes, but the fun doesn’t have to stop!

Beyond recreational activities like hunting or using your toys, here’s an idea for a cozy winter evening in your RV.

  1. Campfire hot chocolate walk. This one is pretty self-explanatory. Aside from your warm clothes and shoes, all you need is some hot chocolate and a mug, then you can explore your surroundings on foot and stay warm. While instant hot chocolate mix will work just fine, consider this fun campsite-inspired twist: s’mores hot chocolate! You can easily make this over a campfire. Either way, enjoy a great conversation with your fellow campers, or take in the peaceful quiet of a solo walk.
  2. Snow ice cream sundaes. After you’ve explored the outdoors, it’s time to warm up inside your RV. If you’re RVing in a snowy place, you can utilize the elements around you to make a tasty treat! Check out this fun recipe for snow ice cream - you’ll only need three ingredients, one of them being snow. Add on whatever additional toppings you want. Make up the concoction, and then you’re ready for…
  3. Indoor movie night. Yes, you can watch a movie at home any time, but there’s something fun about cozying up with a movie somewhere new. If your RV doesn’t have a TV, download a movie or show on your tablet or laptop. Enjoy it with some popcorn, along with the snow ice cream.

Plus, if you relocate to a different campsite during your trip, you can repeat all three things in a new setting! 

If you plan to hook up your RV to city water, there are lots of precautions and planning required for your tank and sewage. Here’s one thing you’ll need to bring along: a heated water hose. There are lots of brands and sizes on the market, so find one that works for your RV and you’ll have one less thing to worry about – kind of important if you plan to make hot chocolate!

Any other cold-weather RV questions? Contact your local Fraserway RV dealership today!