Cold Weather RV Care: 4 Products For Peace Of Mind

Are you not planning on using your RV in the colder months? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! In addition to having your RV properly winterized, here are four recommended parts to set you up for a worry-free off-season.

Door stay opener: When it's the down season, it's crucial to keep your RV's fridge open so that odour and mold won't build up. The Door Stay Opener will do just that. Just make sure you take out the fridge lightbulb, too!

Moisture grabbers: Keep the moisture out of your RV with Dry Air and a number of different "moisture grabbers," all of which will do the trick. Protect your RV investment from damp odours, mold and mildew during the damp seasons. We carry a wide range of products, so contact your local Fraserway RV Camping Store for details.

Safety locks: Theft happens every day. Maybe you even know someone who has had their RV stolen. Keep it from happening to you! There are all kinds of different locks available depending on your unit type. Don't be a victim of theft; locks are cheap insurance.

RV covers: RV covers are great for protecting your RV from rain, sun, snow and everything in between. They keep your slide and roof from fading, protect your vent covers and more. Your local Fraserway RV Camping Store is stocked with covers for every type of RV. Come get yours today!

Another important note: When you’re ready to go camping again, remember to get your RV de-winterized. Contact your local Fraserway RV dealership today with any questions!