Choosing Pet Friendly RV Sites And Campgrounds

By Charmaine Hammond (and Toby the Dog)

Charmaine Hammond is a professional speaker and author, and pet parent of Toby, a Chesapeake Bay retriever.  Together Toby, Charmaine and her husband Christopher travelled 14,000 km across North America on their Million Acts of Kindness Tour, in a Fraserway RV 32 foot motorhome which was sponsored by Fraserway RV.  A newbie at RV travel, Charmaine shares tips and newbie learnings for travelling with your pets. Learn more at Charmaine's website.

There are a lot of campgrounds to choose from, and when travelling with pets, doing your research will pay off. Our most trusted and useful resource was the KOA Campground Guide

The book has great maps and a detailed listing of features in each of the sites, especially as it relates to the degree to which the site is pet friendly. 

The local tourism website is also a great source of information. Kamloops BC Tourist Centre had a fenced play area and a handout identifying all pet friendly campgrounds in the area. The handout also included all pet related services and businesses from emergency vet clinics, to day cares, doggie spas, pet supply stores and behavioural consultants.

Qualities to look for in a pet friendly site:

  • Grassy areas around your RV campsite and grassy walking areas on the grounds.
  • Fenced dog park, run or play area.
  • Lots of garbage cans around walking areas.
  • Distance from the road and septic dumping area.

Once you arrive at the site, it is most helpful to take your dog for a walk immediately so he becomes familiar with the area.  Before opening the dog park fence, ensure that the area is free of hazards (one small private off the beaten path campground was full of deep gopher holes that could have resulted in injury). 

While we travel with our favourite poop bags, many sites also provide poop bags to make it easy for travellers to clean up after their pets. 

When you find RV campsites that are clean and have great pet friendly features it is helpful to post reviews on Trip Advisor and other travel sites to help the next travellers… two legged and four.