Campsite Fun: Recreational Date Day

Think that the only way to have a fun, classy date is doing the dinner and a movie routine? Think again! Ruth, executive assistant to our CEO, shares her favourite on-the-road date idea.

My husband and I are golf buddies. We love golfing because it gets you outside and enjoying nature at its finest. When you golf with your spouse or significant other, it turns into one fantastic “date day.”

One of the best parts of RVing as a golf-loving couple is that you have plenty of storage space for your clubs. You can treat your RV trip like a wine tour and drive to your favourite golf courses and even add some new ones!

We always try to camp near golf courses that we like, and we’ll often spend the whole day at the course. It takes four or five hours to play a full round at a good course, so when you include arriving early to warm up with a bucket of balls and practice on the putting green, it’s a full day. We love having our trailer to come back to so that we can enjoy a nice burger and a cold drink. You should give it a try