Campsite Fun: Foil Dinners

Who knew a household supply could provide such tasty fun at a campsite. Robb, General Manager of our Halifax dealership, shares some great east coast culture with us this month!

I was digging for batteries for the TV remote this week and noticed a weathered tinfoil roll buried in the back corner of the kitchen junk drawer. It reminded me of the dozens of “Foil Dinners” and family campfires we’d had over the years. It’s a very east coast tradition that anyone can enjoy.

For our maritime family camping adventures, tinfoil is about as essential as a “flipper” (spatula), butter, a fork and a guitar! Get your wood fire good and hot and let it simmer down to coals. Then, simply let your imagination take its course. 

Perfectly easy to prep and serve (along with mussels, clams or lobster), you can foil wrap just about any fruit or vegetable and toss to the fire. Add a splash of butter and a dash of salt and pepper! Try foil-baking ripe summer peaches, pears, bananas or, my personal favourite, delicious Annapolis Valley apples. Your kids will love the process and the reward!

Start with an apple. Remove the core and stem. Carefully hollow from the top of the apple, pack in butter and any ingredients you happen to have on hand - maple syrup, caramel sauce, brown sugar, chocolate chips, coconut or cinnamon. Then, just wrap it in foil and nestle it down in the coals for 25-30 minutes. Use tongs to take it off the coals as the foil and fruit will be very hot!