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Clean, Charged & Safe: 4 Essential Parts For The Start Of The Camping

RV Accessories

Our national parts team is here to make sure you have access to the best selection of parts at every Fraserway RV location from coast to coast. While we love fun and exciting accessories, games and activities, we are just as passionate about all those supplies that may not seem as fun but are just as essential for any RVer.

Here are our top 4 picks of the month:

Andersen Levelers. Did you know that if your RV is unlevel for even a half hour, it can cause permanent damage to your fridge? The last thing you want is your food to spoil when you’re camping and have to repair/replace a fridge!

Andersen Levelers have always been a very popular way to level your RV, and you can get it right on your first try.

Deep Cycle Batteries. Spring is here and summer is just around the corner, so it's time to make sure your RV battery has enough life for the upcoming camping season.

Check with your local Fraserway RV dealership for their recommendation on which deep cycle RV battery they would suggest for your RV.

Cleaners. It's cleaning time, and you need the right supplies to get your RV’s interior and exterior spic and span. Each dealership carries a wide variety of cleaners in stock, and we can place a special order for you for whatever specific needs your RV has.

Give us a call and we'll help you get your unit looking new again.

Toilets. When nature calls, you want the right equipment to help you answer. We carry Dometic or Thetford toilets to replace your old and deteriorating toilets. Most toilets are easy to replace: remove two bolts and the water line in the back, and you have a new toilet in place. Sometimes the water line length may vary for different toilets, but it's easy for our staff to set you up with everything you need to easily replace your existing toilet.

Did we mention that, with your Adventurer Group Cash Card, you earn 5% back in Reward Dollars on these items and can redeem those dollars on parts, service or rentals? Plus, the card is free.

Curious about what else we have available? Visit your local Fraserway RV dealership to shop in person, or click here to view our online catalogue.