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Action Plan: 7 Ways To Keep Kids Entertained At Your Campsite

RVing With Kids

Kids love adventures, and an RV trip is a great way to experience adventure as a family. What about when you get to your campsite, though? How do you keep them busy and entertained?

We’re glad you asked, and we’re happy to offer some suggestions! We hand-picked a selection of kid-friendly products from our camping store that will encourage your kids get moving, be active and stay engaged with the great outdoors. Who knows – your inner kid may have just as much fun once you start playing!

Water polo kit. Are you spending time near a lake during your summer camping trip? This easy-to-assemble net will provide hours of competitive fun in the great outdoors, as well as a great way to cool down.

Sling shot. Nothing like some good old target practice! Set up rocks, pine cones or empty pop cans along a log at your campsite and take each one out! Just be sure to clean up any non-biodegradable litter afterwards. (Note: adult supervision is strongly recommended).

Badminton. Want to harness your kids' energy in a fun family activity? Set up your on-the-go badminton court! This set comes with two rackets and three balls, giving you everything you need for campsite fun. If you don’t have a net, just draw a long line in the dirt. Adventure sometimes calls for innovation, after all.

Mystical Fire. Not quite the same thing as fairy dust, but Mystical Fire comes pretty close! Turn your camp fire into a brilliant display of colourful flames. Sure to entertain kids and adults alike!

Water jump rope. There's nothing quite like a cold sprinkling on a hot summer day. Connect this water jump rope to your RV hose (or campsite faucet) and let the water spray as your kids get some exercise while cooling down!

Beach play kit. Kids don't see wet sand; they see a castle waiting to be built. Give them the tools they need with a beach bucket and shovel set. The best part? Nothing to clean up, other than the bucket and shovel - and your inevitably messy but happy kids!

Sidewalk chalk. Sidewalk chalk is a classic, simple way to keep kids entertained, whether through a game of Hop Scotch or by creating artwork on the ground at your campsite.

Want more kid-friendly ideas? Visit your local Fraserway RV Parts & Camping Store and follow our Adventures With Kids board on Pinterest.