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6 Ways To Prepare For The May Long Weekend

May Long Weekend

The May Long Weekend is just around the corner, and with the thrill of adventure comes the need for adequate preparation.

Here are six simple tips to help you cover your bases:

Trick: Prepare easy breakfasts in advance. Who said muffin pans are just for muffins? Here's a trick for your next trip: Make your favourite smoothie blend, pour it in a muffin pan, freeze it and then store the "smoothie pucks" in sandwich bags. Pack your freezer full of ready-made breakfasts that you can thaw out in cold water in just minutes!

DIY storage: Make the most of your fridge space. RV refrigerators may be modest in size, but that doesn't mean you can't fit everything you need inside. Maximize your fridge's shelves with plastic storage containers. Organize your items by type (i.e., sauces, produce, dairy, meats). If you buy containers with lids, you can stack food without squishing anything.

Campsite essentials: Keep your site free from bugs. Camping is an awesome way to experience the great outdoors, but pesky bugs don't need to be part of that adventure. The Citronella collection will help keep flies and mosquitoes out of your hair, off your skin and away from your food.

Adventures with kids: Keep them entertained on the road. Got a long drive ahead of you? Make it fun for the kids in your RV. This book is full of ways to reintroduce family fun and communication on the road, helping you create meaningful memories long before you reach your destination.

Must-haves for the road: Have an easy fix-it solution on hand. Here's the bitter truth: Things often break or crack at the most inconvenient times - especially when on the road! A simple tube of super glue will keep you covered if anything breaks or cracks during your trip.

Safety: Make sure you’ll be seen if you break down. None of us plan on blowing a tire on the road. When it does happen, it pays to be prepared. This waterproof LED flare magnetically attaches to your RV, letting oncoming traffic see you far in advance. Plus, it frees up your hands to do the work needed to get you back on the road!

To make sure your RV is well-equipped for the May long weekend, visit your local Fraserway RV Parts & Camping Store to stock up on the essentials!