Solar Power Basics

Today, much of our world is powered by electricity. When out on vacation, most people want to enjoy the same electrical conveniences in their RV that they have in their own home, which makes the battery supply important.  

Many camp sites across Canada do not have shore power connections for RVs, thus causing a heavy reliance on deep cycle batteries to power up the lights, appliances, water pump, stereo, ceiling fan, and other modern conveniences.

Here at Fraserway RV, we see more and more campers install solar panels on the roof of their RV to augment their onboard power needs — a wise decision! With solar panels, you can recharge the onboard deep-cycle batteries without shore power, compliments of the amazing power of the sun. Solar energy is free, quiet, environmentally friendly, and an effective, maintenance-free way to prolong your onboard power supply. 

Harness the sun's power with a RV solar kit

There are numerous types, sizes, and qualities of solar panels on the market today, so it is important to check with your local Fraserway RV Parts Store to get advice on which one will work best for your particular RV and use. A Solar Calculator is a handy tool we use to help customers determine the right size solar panel(s) to fit their RV and power consumption needs.  Solar kits at Fraserway RV come with a 25-year warranty on the panels, so when you purchase your kit from us you’re making an investment which will last for years to come. Our solar solutions also have the ability to grow with your changing RV needs, meaning that you can easily add more panels to your system should you need more power or wish to stay out camping for extended periods.

Please keep in mind that any solar energy collection system you install in your RV is only as good as the storage capacity you have onboard your RV – your deep-cycle batteries. To increase storage capacity we routinely see a number of customers converting their battery set to two 6-volt batteries wired in “series” as they will last much longer than two 12-volt batteries.

Thanks to solar energy, you'll have a great way to constantly recharge your deep-cycle batteries, but there is one more item to consider.  Many electrical appliances do not run on 12-volt power, but rather require household 110-volt power instead.  Adding a power inverter to your alternative energy system is a great way to use these appliances when you aren't hooked up to shore power. The power inverter takes stored 12-volt deep-cycle battery power and scales it up to 110-volt thus allowing you to run your 110-volt appliances when you’re not plugged into shore power. Much like the solar power solution, a power inverter comes in many different types and sizes designed to fit a variety of needs. The calculator in the sidebar is provided to help you calculate your inverter and solar panel needs.

In conclusion, solar power is a proven technology that adds a dependable aspect to RVing that in times past would have seemed impossible.  With solar power, the luxuries of the great indoors don't have to be left behind when out into the great outdoors.   Come and see the power experts at Fraserway first – we’ll get you powered up!