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A Day In The Life: Alexis’ Story

A Day In The Life: Alexis’ Story

Early Days

As a little girl, Alexis stumbled upon an old truck camper in their barn. Her mom had been using it to practice repairs, as she was going through her own RV technician schooling. Alexis couldn't resist the urge to tinker around in it herself – igniting her fascination for RVs. Years later, after being exposed to the industry, Alexis's passion for hands-on work grew stronger and, following in her mom’s footsteps, she decided to fully commit to becoming an RV technician.

Unlike traditional training programs, Alexis took a unique path, learning through observation and shadowing. Her practical skills and knowledge were honed through hands-on experiences, shaping her successful career. Starting at Country RV in Kelowna, which later merged with Fraserway RV, Alexis has gained nearly a decade of diverse industry experience from reception and administration to service, parts, warranty, and finding her true calling in the shop, Alexis exemplifies the versatility and commitment of an RV technician.

An Exciting Career

What fuels Alexis's passion for this role? It's the joy of problem-solving! Every day presents fresh challenges, ensuring she never falls into a monotonous routine. From inspecting and diagnosing RVs to tackling repairs and maintenance, she collaborates with her team, interacts with customers, and showcases her adaptability across various RV models and systems.

Alexis follows a 7:00 AM to 3:30 PM schedule, which she loves as it offers her a great work-life balance – who doesn’t love to be off work in the afternoon, especially in this summer months?!

For those considering diving into the RV Tech World, Alexis offers valuable advice:

·      Embrace getting your hands dirty and never hesitate to ask questions

·      Foster strong relationships with your team, as they become your support system

·      Seize every opportunity to learn and grow, as each day brings new chances for development

Beyond the RV shop

Alexis enjoys in a range of hobbies, including video games, art, and outdoor exploration. When it comes to travel, Alexis cherishes memories of a family trip to Tofino. Dreaming of the future, she aspires to venture to Japan, immersing herself in its rich culture and savoring its incredible cuisine.

Being an RV technician is an exciting and fulfilling career, and Alexis's journey exemplifies the passion and dedication required to succeed in this field. If you're considering a career as an RV tech, embrace the challenges, ask questions, and enjoy the daily adventure of working in the RV service industry. Learn more about becoming a technician here, or, check out our Careers page and come join the Fraserway family!