Bucky Pointing


Bucky the Beaver is the official mascot and goodwill ambassador for Fraserway RV, and is a personification of the fun, energy and excitement of being Canadian. Plus Bucky is loads of fun at a campsite!

Always on the go, Bucky loves to be a part of the action wherever that may be. Bucky loves to listen to what people have to say about their adventures, their excitement for camping, their love for RVing, and, of course, learning how Fraserway can help them enjoy even more memorable times in the great outdoors of Canada.

As a healthy, active woodland creature, Bucky loves to roam about his space, discovering new people and new adventures. Like any beaver, Bucky doesn't run, but saunters peacefully and contentedly, always smiling, waving and making positive gestures of caring - this is one happy beaver!

Bucky likes to engage with people, believing everyone is a friend that just hasn't been met...YET. Bucky is not just an acquaintance, but a loyal friend that is always looking to build long-term relationships through warmth and caring. Though Bucky doesn't speak, people look forward to the unique, fun things Bucky communicates.

An natural leader, Bucky is always the first to try something new, under the firm belief that adventure is wherever someone wants to find it, and that Canada is the greatest place on earth to do just that.

Bucky's role at Fraserway RV continues to evolve, but for now it primarily involves touring the country through out the year, visiting Fraserway RV dealerships and attending various local events and festivals. A true Canadian through and through, Bucky believes wholeheartedly in the Canadian ethic of working hard and playing harder. So wherever people are gathered and good times are being had in the great outdoors, look for Bucky the Beaver.

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