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  • Campsite Fun: Gaming In A Winter Wonderland

    Cold winter weather doesn’t mean you can’t have fun camping. Dean, General Manager at our dealership in Edmonton, AB, looks back to his childhood and shares how his family made the most of adventuring in a winter wonderland.
  • Healthy Resolutions: 3 Reasons To RV Toward A Better You In 2015

    New Year resolutions often center around improving our wellbeing or making a positive impact. Did you know your RV can actually be part of your make-this-year-better plan? It can be, and should! We spoke with industry insiders and health experts to hear how the RVing lifestyle benefits your health by letting you experience true rest on the open road. You won’t be the only beneficiary!
  • Iron Chef: Cook Like A Pro Without A Full Kitchen

    Just because you don’t have a full kitchen at your campsite, you don’t have to just eat hot dogs and ‘smores (even though we all love those campsite staples). Armed with a small portable propane grill, these three tools can help you prepare 5-star meals in the great outdoors. Adventure doesn’t mean your taste buds need to suffer.
  • Choose Your Weapon: 3 Steps To Picking The Right RV Antifreeze

    Old Man Winter’s coming, and one of the best tools to have in your RV arsenal is antifreeze. With all the products out there, it can be difficult to know what’s the best product for your specific RV. Here are three steps to buying the right antifreeze for your RV.
  • Winterizing 101: How To Not Burst Your Pipes

    Winterizing your RV is cheap; repairing it is not. It’s easier – and cheaper – to winterize your own RV than you might think. Here’s how.
  • 3 Golden Rules For Test Driving Your (Next?) RV

    Whether you’re ready to finally invest in an RV or are looking to upgrade to a larger model, you’re going to be driving something different than you’re familiar with. You’ll want to get to know your new rig, which means . . . it’s time for a test drive!
  • Sitting Pretty: How To Combat Sitting-Induced Soreness

    Simply stopping every few hours will allow you to stand up, stretch and even do a couple squats, all of which can help get your blood circulating. Plus, since you’re in an RV, you can do this inside if the weather doesn’t allow you to get outside.
  • Hold The Phone: Check Off These To-Dos Before Your Next RV Trip

    Whether you’re starting out a long, multi-destination journey or packing up to head back home, you should always take care of a few things first. Use this easy step-by-step checklist, and you’ll be ready to hit the open road with confidence and peace of mind.
  • All The Power To You: 3 Tips For Buying A Generator

    The market is flooded with different sizes and brands of generators, which can make the shopping process a bit daunting. If you’re dry camping – i.e. not hooked up to shore power – you will definitely need some way to power your RV’s appliances.
  • Don’t Forget This! 8 Essentials For Your Campsite

    Even when you travel in a fully-stocked RV, your outdoor campsite will need plenty of gear. These eight essentials are a great starting point for preparing for your next trip, made possible with products recommended by our RV parts specialists.
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