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  • DIY Trick: Protect Your Tire Cover

    This make-shift toilet is easy to assemble at your campsite and take apart once you’re ready to pack up and head home. It’s not the full deal with plumbing and running water, but it sure beats a hole in the ground!
  • The 3 Golden Rules For Choosing Your RV

    Whether you’re buying your first RV, upgrading or downsizing, these three golden roles will help you find the best fit for your lifestyle so that you can get the most out of your investment.
  • Keep It Friendly: 5 RV Products That Protect The Environment

    Wondering how you can celebrate Earth Day as an Rver? It’s easier than you might think! Here are five accessories that can help you celebrate Earth Day on every RV adventure.
  • Meal Of The Month: Crock Pot Baked Beans

    Sometimes, nothing compares to classic camp food. This is where convenience meets comfort!
  • A Better Bucket List: 4 Ways To Make Your RV Dreams A Reality

    Did you want to take more trips in 2014 than you were able to? Do you get discouraged thinking about how to make this year different? Fraserway is to help you make your vacation dreams a reality. Since it’s officially spring on May 20, it’s time to do some spring cleaning – starting with your RV bucket list! This month, we’re here with four practical ways to actually make those dreams a reality this year.
  • Campsite Fun: What’s In The Bag?

    Need an idea to keep the kids entertained at the campsite? Here's an easy, do-it-yourself activity. The supplies are the best part!
  • Tips And Tricks: Slap Bracelet Reminders

    If you’re like most people, reminders are always helpful – especially if you’re RVing for the first time in awhile. Linda, one of our RV Parts Specialists in Abbotsford, BC, has a foolproof trick to never forget your necessities again!
  • Meal Of The Month: Campsite Fondue

    Want a comfort food that’s as much about the social gathering as it is about the meal? Bernie L., Fraserway’s Rentals Manager in Delta, B.C., sat down with us to share his favourite winter camping recipe, which is linked to his Swiss heritage. It’s easy, it’s tasty and it’s right here for your enjoyment.
  • Healthy Resolutions: 3 Reasons To RV Toward A Better You

    New Year resolutions often center around improving our wellbeing or making a positive impact. Did you know your RV can actually be part of your make-this-year-better plan? It can be, and should! We spoke with industry insiders and health experts to hear how the RVing lifestyle benefits your health by letting you experience true rest on the open road. You won’t be the only beneficiary!
  • Iron Chef: Cook Like A Pro Without A Full Kitchen

    Just because you don’t have a full kitchen at your campsite, you don’t have to just eat hot dogs and ‘smores (even though we all love those campsite staples). Armed with a small portable propane grill, these three tools can help you prepare 5-star meals in the great outdoors. Adventure doesn’t mean your taste buds need to suffer.
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