Campsite Fun: Campsite Bingo

ThinkstockPhotos-525194779We’re all about helping you discover the great outdoors – and we have an idea to combine that with a little dose of healthy competition!

The next time you’re camping, play a round or two of Campsite Bingo. We created printable Bingo sheets with lots of nature-inspired things you’re bound to see outside. Each time you see an item, mark it off on your sheet. Get five in a row horizontally, vertically or diagonally, and you win! You can add a fun spin for the prizes, like the winner doesn’t have to do dishes that night.

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We created several different versions so that each player gets a unique arrangement of items. To print your sheets, just click each link below and go from there. Or, if you’re extra adventurous, you can download a blank sheet and create your own set of symbols!

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