Your Awning My Friend, Is Blowing In the Wind

How many times must we fix an awning,
before people learn how to lock?
And how many times must an awning sag,
before people tilt it at a slope?
Yes and how many times must a man look up,
and see his awning flying down the road?

Your awning my friend, is blowing in the wind.
Your awning is blowing in the wind.

Sorry Bob Dylan – we couldn’t help it!

Damaged RV awnings is our #1 repair job

As one your friendly RV experts, the Men in Plaid, we see broken awnings more than any other RV repair problem. It’s amazing how such a preventable repair could be so commonplace. And what’s amazing to RVers is just how much it can cost to fix. Duct tape doesn't work to fix an awning.

Most of the time the entire awning needs to be replaced, not just a part or two. A basic awning can cost around $1,500 in parts and install. Plus, when the wind catches an awning, it usually smacks the RV roof and sidewalls, causing expensive damage there too.

RV awning damage can cost you in safety and repairs

But besides the cost of repairing an RV awning, a greater concern is how a rogue RV awning can cause major safety issues. If the awning is flapping on the side of the RV, it can clock whoever is trying to get it back down. If the awning comes right off, it can fly across the campsite and hit someone. Best case scenario: they’re mad at you. Worst case scenario: they need medical attention.

Broken RV awning.The worst RV awning accident occurs when the awning parachutes off the RV while driving. That’s bad news for you, but it’s even worse news for the driver behind you whose windshield is suddenly draped with awning fabric. We shudder to think of other drivers losing all visibility while zooming down a highway.

How to prevent an RV awning accident

You only need to know three easy tips to avoid costly and dangerous RV awning damage. These may seem obvious, but believe us; we replace awnings every week because these simple awning tips weren’t followed:

  1. If you think the weather is turning foul, or if you’re leaving your RV at the campsite for the day, roll up and lock your RV awning. You never know what the weather will do. Watch our RV Awning Tutorial to learn how to properly set up and take down your awning. Slope your RV awning.
  2. Set your RV awning at an angle to allow water run-off.In case it rains, raise one of the awning arms while lowering the other awning arm to create a slope. Most people don’t realize that pooling rain will sink the fabric, causing enough warp to warrant an awning replacement.
  3. Before you drive off the campsite, make doubly sure that you’ve properly stored and locked your awning. The most dangerous RV awning accidents occur on the road.

With these three easy tips, your RV awning should last for years to come.


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