Values & Mission

Across Canada, our team strives for 100% customer satisfaction by believing in and following our company's mission and values.  As a customer you can feel confident in choosing Fraserway RV for all your RV needs.

Mission Statement

We are industry leaders in selling, servicing and renting recreational vehicles throughout Canada and as a team do everything possible to ensure our customers' vacation dreams are realized.


Company Values 

Employees: As our greatest asset and resource, each employee is respected, supported, invested in and valued as a cornerstone of our success.

Customers: We listen to all our customers, learn their specific needs, and respond to those needs in a meaningful way. 

Integrity: We deliver what we promise with integrity and the highest professional, moral and ethical standards. 

Respect: We show respect for our values, for all people, to our customers, suppliers and to each member of our team. 

Workplace: We value a friendly workplace, a strong work ethic and enthusiasm in all that we do. 

Teamwork: We take a team-based approach to meeting customers’ needs. Respectful communication is the foundation of how we function effectively as a team.

Recreation: Recreation refreshes life, improves physical and mental health, and, ultimately, the quality of life of our team, our families and our community.

Innovation: We anticipate and respond to the changing needs of our customers through a creative approach to doing business.

Community: We are active members of our communities and make positive and tangible contributions through a variety of sponsorships, bursaries and other community support. 

Social Action: We believe in social action for the world’s disadvantaged. We partner with our employees to respond to local and international needs through food, financial, and child support programs.

Biblical Principles: Our attitudes, behaviours, decisions and actions are grounded in biblical principles, exemplified by... excellence, generosity, dignity, financial stewardship and supportive leadership.


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