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At Fraserway RV, we understand you want to get maximum value for your RV purchasing dollars. We constantly review pricing in the marketplace to ensure Fraserway is competitive not only with other Canadian dealers, but with US dealers as well.

We usually find significant pricing differences with regards to options and standard features. Our competitors, especially online dealers, often quote a very low price, but this is typically for a bare-bones unit — one that does not include popular options that Fraserway incorporates into its RV quotes.

Our experience shows that when given the opportunity to quote apples-to-apples, Fraserway is repeatedly more than price competitive.

Buying from any local Fraserway RV not only ensures you get a competitive price, but also gives you the assurance that you're looked after for such things as minor adjustments during the break-in period of your RV, or warranty support when your RV has an unexpected breakdown.

Here are just a few variables to consider when shopping for an RV from an online dealer:

  • You won't be able to inspect your RV until AFTER you paid for it.
  • Consumer rights/legislation does not protect your investment.
  • The cost of transportation, brokerage, and import duties.
  • The burden of the extra paperwork with importing the RV.
  • Warranty support may not be available from a local RV service centre.
  • Cost to exchange Canadian dollars for US currency.
  • Cost to convert the unit to Canadian Standards.
  • Inability to trade-in your existing RV.
  • Inability to obtain financing.

Why worry about the uncertainty that comes from buying from an online dealer or from a company that just dabbles in RVs as a sideline. Let Fraserway take away all those concerns! We are 100% dedicated to RVs and ONLY RVs, and we have been since 1969. Shop and compare feature-for-feature and option-for-option; you’ll see why Fraserway RV really is your best value in an RV purchase.

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